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blondesexbook If you've been around the internet as long as I have then you've no doubt come across all sorts of dating websites. There's the ones that promise you a one night stand and there are ones that promise you a lifelong commitment. Which ones are right for you? In the end it all depends on what it is that you're looking for and what you’re willing to do to get it.


Start by asking yourself what your position in life is. Are you living on your own or do you live with roommates?


If you live with roommates then you might not want to have to explain why there’s always strange women walking in and out of your house or apartment. You might not want to explain why you’re switching women day in and day out and they never see the same woman there twice. On the other hand you might have a roommate that doesn’t mind that kind of stuff or even encourages it - in which case you don’t really have to worry about the roommate thing.


If you’re on your own then you have the freedom to do a lot more when it comes to dating. You can see any number of girls and you have the space to invite women over to your place. Now depending again on what you’re looking for you’re going to be visiting a very certain group of websites. You might be the kind of guy who loves random sex and in that case you would be looking at a site like Sexbook. If you’re looking for more of a well-rounded experience then maybe try something like Plentyoffish which has all sorts of women both looking for one night flings and looking for longer term relationships.


Finally you have the sites that are purely for people looking for long term relationships. These include sites like Match and eHarmony since they focus so much on the actual bond and chemistry between the two people instead of focusing on initial attraction through photos.


Stay tuned for more advice on online dating and thanks for reading my post!


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blondesexbookWe've all seen them out there: websites telling us that we can meet a loved one if we just click. It's one of the most common advertisements on the internet today and SexBook is no different. So what is it that makes this site different than the others? Here's a short list to help you decide if the website mentioned it the one for you:


Interests - People that use SexBook aren't out there for long term relationships. They aren't out there to weigh down your life and they aren't out there to call you late at night crying. You can rest assured that what you'll find is people that arel iving their own lives and just want to add a little flair.


Experience - With this site you aren't going to run into people that are shy on the first date and you aren't going to be wondering what their intentions are. Both of you have already made your intentions clear by where you two met so it's only a matter of time before getting down to business.


Repeat Visits - If the ones you're meeting on these sites like what they see then it's super easy to just hop on and send them a message. They know what you're after and you know what they're after so meeting is super easy and you usually get into kinkier things each time.


So with that all said there is a huge difference between using SexBook and any other dating site and that is something you should always keep in mind when looking for a site to use.


Good luck and stay safe!

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blondesexbook Lots of people use Facebook to hook up and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sure you’ll meet lots of girls on there and you’ll be able to send them all sweet messages and land a few, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to get laid. To guarantee getting laid you need to start meeting women off of sex dating websites like Sex Book that are specifically made just to help out horny guys and girls that are looking for some quick sex.


Imagine not having to go through the whole dating process with a woman and instead jump right into the sex stage of a relationship. This means no waking up in the morning next to someone that makes you stay there all day, no spending huge amounts of money on gifts and stuff like that for the person and best of all it means a variety of different people that you get to have sex with day in and day out.


Interested? Well if you haven’t given Sex Book a try you need to hurry up and get on it just click here or go to


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Some nights it seems as if everyone is doing something you don’t want to do and you end up alone at home bored and maybe even a little horny. It is nights like these that dating sites like Sexbook shine. First off you need to consider that you blondesexbook aren’t the only bored one out there. For every bored guy there is a girl out there equally as bored that is looking for someone to rescue her from her boredness.


The idea here is to be subtle when you talk to the girl and let her know that you’re just as bored as she is. You need to make it easy for her to meet up with you, offer to pick her up or if you don’t drive offer to pay for her cab there and back. Tell her you have a great movie you can watch or a board game or something. It’s usually easy for a girl to turn down a night of sex with a stranger but if she’s bored and someone is asking her if she wants to do something fun then it is harder to turn it down.


Now when you’re sitting across from the girl talking you need to remember where you met her and try to bring up (in a non-creepy way) the Sexbook website. Ask her what she was doing there and before you know it you’ll be between her legs heaving and licking away.

Try it out today by going to Sexbook at or clicking right here.

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Friday 20 january 5 20 /01 /Jan 06:56

Whenever people think of dating online they always think of sites that set people up to get married and almost never think of the sites that hook people up for hardcore action. Some guys that use these sex dating sites like Sexbook are meeting two or three different girls a month on them reliably and steadily. It really all depends on the size of the city you’re in, if you’re in a big city then a site like this is going to totally change your life. No more boring Saturday or Friday nights, anytime you want a date you’ll find one.



Lots of people think that it’s hard to find someone on sites like this and that you need to be some sort of Casanova to do it. That just isn’t true. Normal guys do great with sex dating sites as long as you play your cards right and don’t turn it into an emotional love fest. Talk to the girls with respect but let them know that your intentions are just sex and nothing else. Stay witty and meet up as soon as possible, the longer you talk to someone on the internet the more of a chance during that time that you become their friend and ruin your chances at any romance with them.


If you’re ready to try your hand at this dating game now why not check out Sexbook by clicking here or visiting the site directly at

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